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At times when there is an increased risk of contagion caused by infectious diseases, like the rapid spread of COVID-19, hygiene is one of the most effective weapons against infection.

We have drawn up a white paper with 14 useful tips that you can very easily incorporate in your daily life and protect yourself from the consequences of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases! Stay healthy!

GETT creates production capacity to manufacture protective masks against the coronavirus

26 March 2020 | GETT became aware of a video from the Städtisches Klinikum Görlitz last weekend, in which the Head of the Emergency Department, Dr. med. Mark D. Frank, provides step-by-step instructions for making a protective visor against the coronavirus. He developed the idea and the instructions for the protective visor together with his hygiene team and the support of the German Medical Technical Service. Purchasing medical protective equipment is becoming an increasingly serious problem around the world. GETT is now creating production capacity to manufacture corona protective masks to shield medical workers from the dangerous virus. Do you need any supplies?

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It is true that maintaining good hygiene, like washing your hands regularly and thoroughly, provides a certain degree of protection from viruses and bacteria, but aerosols can be released through coughing and sneezing, which then settle on the direct surroundings. Recent studies have proven that the coronavirus survives up to 9 days on surfaces. The coronavirus particularly loves surfaces made of synthetic materials and plastic. This is where it survives longest.

A lack of hygiene can cost lives!

It is worth regularly cleaning and disinfecting items that people often touch.

The situation in hygiene-sensitive areas like hospitals, doctors’ practices and nursing homes is particularly critical.  Pathogens are very frequently encountered here. Although it is absolutely essential to maintain hygiene standards, this often does not take place with the necessary care. A lack of time and human resources is often the reason for this. As many as 20,000 people die just from hospital germs in Germany every year. People with a weak immune system are particularly at risk.

Keyboards are a paradise for germs

Data input devices like keyboards and PC mice are seriously underestimated as sources of germs in everyday medical situations.

Germs gather in cracks and grooves and multiply. A British consumer magazine already discovered in 2008 that there are more germs present on computer keyboards than on many toilet seats! This is particularly disastrous in intensive care units. Patients lying there are often seriously ill and their immune system is deficient. Many people suffering from the corona infection are being exposed to this situation around the world at the moment.

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Interior Of Busy Modern Open Plan Office

However, other areas of public life also face the same challenge. Anywhere where many people meet each other every day (public authorities like the police or Federal Labor Agency, banks or pharmacies). Dr. med. Grünewald reported at an information event organized by the Klinikum Chemnitz recently that keyboards in pharmacies have been tested positive for coronaviruses:

Recommendation by the Robert Koch Institute!

The German government’s central institution in the field of monitoring and preventing sicknesses specifically recommends that people purchase and use “special keyboards that can be disinfected” and has a link with a selection of products on its home page. These units must have “the relevant design,” according to the RKI. You can find the complete report here.

In order to prevent invisible risk situations, it therefore recommends that people use special hygienic keyboards and mice. Depending on whether the model is made of glass or silicone, it is possible to thoroughly clean and disinfect the keyboard and mouse because of their enclosed surface. It is then hardly possible for any viruses and bacteria to gather there!

Silicone keyboards

The silicone keyboard is also a hygiene keyboard and should be used in workplaces where cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance. The insensitivity of washable keyboards to dirt and water makes it easy to clean the keyboard under running water or to immerse the keyboard in a water basin.


Washable PC-mice

With our washable PC mice a health risk transmitted by germs and bacteria is minimized. The protection class IP68 and IP65 prevents the ingress of water and dust and allows an uncomplicated, fast and thorough cleaning.